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Why Choose Us

Wolf Opinion is an established online panel recruitment agency that has been delivering quality results for years on end now. We are the first choice among firms that believe in supreme decision making with their businesses. With this as our core quality, we employ panel members from a multitude of reliable sources to produce sampled results. These members represent a broad range of verticals to ensure your market is covered! We have a designed automated process for selection of panel members which is based on an invite-only approach. This means as per individual project requirement only qualifying members are recruited on the panel, professionals who fit the role perfectly. This robust methodology hence eliminates any chance of bias or self-selection errors. Your project will only be in the hands of an experienced professional! .

Our curated team of panel members use a combination of traditional and modern approaches to procure the targeted audience. These seasoned panel members use a variety of sources and create a wholesome blend for precise sampled data using:
• Targeted email advertising
• Online advertising campaigns.
• Offline verified data sources.
• Social media websites.
• Online service providers.
• Affiliate marketers.
• Blogging communities, shopping groups and loyalty websites.
• Virtual and artificial reality gaming sites and other Gaming sites.
• Coupon collection communities, rewards sites.
• Publishers and other niche communities.
• Service providers–online and offline

Using these host of services, we begin the process of collection of legitimate data. The candidates’ data is first verified to be reliable and excess, redundant or fraud data is weeded out. The filtered data is then fit into your sample frame keeping in mind your project requirements. The sampling techniques may vary from randomized data sampling, targeted sampling or coupled/ census sampling, from all parts of the world, all as per your demand in the project. We connect your opinion to top tier researchers so Join our panel to let your voice brings a positive change on this world.